Books by Loren Hodes

“Too Big, Too Little, Just Right!”

Published internationally by Judaica Press, 2002.
Written and illustrated by Loren Hodes.

Like many kids, Racheli feels that “life’s not fair!” She’s too big to be a baby, and too little to be a big kid. Join Racheli as she learns that the best thing in life is to be exactly who you are…..yourself!

“Thirty One Cakes”

Published internationally by Hachai Publications, 2003.
Written by Loren Hodes, illustrated by Harvey Klineman

My name is Estie, and I love to bake,
But one day, my ring fell into a cake.
Hashavas Aveida, returning lost things
Surely goes for returning lost rings!
So now I am wondering, “Who will it be?
Who will be bringing my ring back to me?”

“Who Would Have Guessed? It’s All for the Best!”
Published internationally by Judaica Press, 2006.
Written and illustrated by Loren Hodes.

When Yaakov’s friends all go off to camp and leave him behind, Yaakov is convinced it will be the worst summer ever. He’s sad, lonely, and – most of all – bored!

But then he meets Gumzy L Tova, an unusual clown with a special gift for making people happy and Yaakov’s summer starts to look entirely different…

Join Yaakov and his new friend Eli as they discover that everything really is for the best, and, more importantly, they learn how to make the best of whatever happens.