Loren Hodes Art School - Art classes for all ages and stages.

Loren runs art classes for children from the age of five years and upwards, including teens of all ages.

Our lessons are fun filled and inspirational. Children learn to express their creativity and personality through a large variety of art media. They are encouraged to develop confidence and self-esteem while learning all of the tools and tricks which are essential in order to be a REAL ARTIST. We do ART, not CRAFT.

Come and join one of our fantastic classes or book your own, private class weekly.

Adult’s art classes run on Thursday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30am. No previous experience is necessary. Come and join a unique and quirky group of artists who express their creativity, vitality and unique viewpoint through their artwork. We learn the importance of being free and non-judgemental of ourselves which is so essential to the creative process.

Only after one has achieved this relationship with one’s work can one move into different experiences of art making, eventually reaching a point of experiencing art as a form of deep meditation. Private classes are also offered.

Times of Classes:
Please note that these are the current times for classes, but the times may change and classes may be added according to demand.
Private classes are scheduled individually.

Children’s Classes:
Monday: 4.30 -6.00pm
Tuesday: 4.00 – 5.30pm
Wednesday: 5 – 6.30pm
Thursday: 4.45 – 6.15pm

Adult’s Class
Thursday: 9.30 – 11.30am

Please contact Loren on 082 773 8623 for more information.